Detroit 2019 FTC World Championship

As a result of winning 1st place Inspire Award at our Robotics National Competition in Bucharest, we qualified at the FTC Robotics World Championship in Detroit, the world’s largest STEM event for students.

As we arrived at the competition, we had the chance to find out more about all the other First programs like F.R.C., F.L.L., and F.L.L. Jr., where many talented students participated in. We also got the chance to meet and to learn interesting things from industry professionals that came to share their knowledge with curious students like ourselves. Also a lot of colleges and universities were present at that event, so we talked about different future education perspectives and approaches.

The Detroit 2019 FIRST Championship was an inspiring competition and we were really happy for having the opportunity to see so many unusual robots ideas, interesting notebook designs, different organization ideas and encounter different cultures and amazing people.

After many qualification matches we made it in the semifinals together with WATT’s UP, one of the others Romanian FTC Team from the competition, where unfortunately some technical problems ended our journey. It was a great experience who gave us hope that we can be even better in the future!

After many months of hard work, we also had the chance to visit the surroundings and enjoy the beautiful views and museums in Detroit.

We left home proud of our performance and eager to learn even more, because it might be the end of this season, but it is our will to learn from past mistakes and try to be better in the future.

None of these amazing experiences wouldn’t have been possible without the help of special people who believed in us: Natie prin Educatie Association, Hunedoara’s TownHall, County Council of Hunedoara, Florin Putica, Cosmin Popovici, Bitdefender, DEDEMAN, Marcel Fulgusin, Cristian Man, Romanian House in San Francisco, Hunedoara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Crinela Gafton, S.C TOC JIT, International Serv S.R.L., S.C. ROCAN Translogistic, Sarmismob, Integral Chinciu, Comimpex, ROTARY CLUB Deva Association, Accent Media Deva, Alma Print Hunedoara, T&O Prodcom, Expert Insolventa S.R.L, Ioan Romulus Vasile, Pitagora Solution S.R.L., Demeny Imre Gabriel, Sarbu Cornelia, Arion Viorel, our trip in Detroit was possible and we were ready to compete.

Author: Brianna Alexandra Stan

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