First Tech Challenge

        FTC is an International Robotics competition, where a team consisting of students in grades 7-12 must operate a robot that has to complete a few tasks based on a theme. The season begins in September and the students must design, build and program a robot with the help and guidance of the mentors and coaches. The robot kit is also reusable but the theme and the tasks are new every year. The team must work together very well so they have to come up with creative and innovative ideas every year. Each match is played with four teams, splitted in two competing alliances. During the games, the teams form alliances and the robots must complete some tasks to get points. Your alliance must be the strongest in order to win the game.

        This year’s theme is ROVER RUCKUS.

        The exploration of space is a very important subject to aprofundate. The theme is inspired from the exploration rovers that investigate the surface of Mars. The robots must complete some autonomous tasks in 30 seconds such us collecting gold and silver minerals and score them into the rover or in you alliance’s square. You can also steal minerals from your opponent alliance. The part where you have to take the minerals to the lander is controlled by the drivers and your victory depends on how well they communicate.

        In this competition, more important than the awards or building the robot is the contribution that you bring to the robotics community.  You must be an example for other people because we all must understand the importance of STEM for the future.

        This competition is about working and growing together, as a team, sharing ideas, solutions and mistakes, learn to communicate, to build, to  explore, helping others and be a better you for the future.

        Thank you Natie Prin Educatie and FTC for this great opportunity! 

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