Timisoara Code Camp Event

On the 5th of October we attended Code Camp event. A lot of different companies, IT professionals and teams of dedicated and enthusiastic students came to this event, not to only promote their activity, but to share their interest for science and technology, to meet passionate people, to embrace new ideas and most important thing to have fun.

Each company or team came with a lot of challenging games and quizzes. We had to answer programming or bussines related questions, spin a wheel or solve puzzles. We won a few T-shirts and mugs with really nice messages. Everyone got a few games that tested our the ability to think outside the box, so we were all happy at the end of the day.

This event helped us create beautiful memories with unique people, that made us realize how technology and science are important for our education. Here we even met a team that will participate into FTC competition this year, so we were able to share ideas with them.

The Code Camp event was an amazing experience that proved to us once again that STEM is important for our future, and that the people are the most creative and important resource in the IT area.

We love participating into this kind of events, because we learn so many things and we also have a lot of fun.

We thank all the organizers and volunteers for having us in Timisoara!

Author: Brianna Alexandra Stan

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