Hey, I’m Mircea Nistor, physics teacher at  “Colegiul Național de Informatică Traian Lalescu” from Hunedoara for more than 30 years. I want my students to understand and love science and technology. For that I founded the science and technology club “Fizitec” more than 20 years ago, where young people learn to dream and fulfill their dreams, inventing and building their future. When FIRST program arrived in Romania two years ago, I founded the FTC team Robotx HD and participated with good results at first edition of this competition in Romania.



My name is Luminița Nistor and I am a teacher of chemistry at “Traian Lalescu” National College of Informatics from Hunedoara, with more than thirty years of experience in education. I am interested in offering students a good preparation in chemistry (the proof are the graduates who have successfully passed the baccalaureate and admission exams). I am also preoccupied with the students’ additional preparation (my students received awards and mentions at the chemistry competitions every year) and the extracurricular activity. Over the years, I have been coordinating pupil’s scientific and social projects. For over five years, I have managed “The chemistry magazine from Lalescu”, an online publication which presents the little researches in different fields made by our students. I have coordinated projects which received awards at the regional and national stages of the following competitions: “Universul Einstein”, “Play Energy”, “Chimia prieten sau dușman”. Furthermore, I have been a counselor for projects and educational programs in the school for ten years. During this period I have coordinated the activity of the Advisory Board of Students. I conducted alongside my students, projects which obtained awards at the district and national stages of the Student Councils’ contest of projects and at the national competition of anti-drug projects: “Together” too. Within the ROBOTX_HD team, I am a non-technical mentor.


My name is Andrei Cunţan, and I’m part of the RobotX team. The main job I have here is to assemble robots robot (with my teammates, of course)in various shapes and I really love it, because I’ve been building lots of things at home ever since I was a kid, whether it was LEGO, wood crafting or electronics projects. When the FTC competition arrived in Romania a few years ago, it opened a huge door for me, because not only it enabled the build of a sophisticated project, which had to do important tasks, but it also taught me important life skills: the importance of a team and collaboration, time management, etc. A few of my other passions are in the IT domain (playing with computers, still making various things on a budget), or in the Hi-Fi domain (playing with vintage / modern audio equipment, listening to my favorite artists on it). ). It is the “building things on a budget” that really got me into robotics, because it helped me taking decisions while building a robot (ideas/concepts, the implementation of those ideas).


My name is Răzvan Vîrtan, I’m 18 years old and I’m proud to be part of RobotX Hunedoara for the third season of FTC Romania. In the team, I’m a member of the software team, working at the robot programming and I deal with some media actions and notebook editing. I am also the coach of the team. My biggest passion is physics, because it explains every natural phenomenon. I’ve started doing robotics because I wanted to learn more and to see how physical laws are applied in this amazing area. I also enjoy other scientific subjects, like math and computer science and I’d like to make a career in scientific research. In my free time, I like reading, watching movies and swimming. The FIRST Tech Challenge offered me more than I’ve ever imagined: a strong foundation in Physics and Informatics, organizational and communication skills for team work or outreach events and, the most important thing, my second family, RobotX!


My name is Lorinczi Andrei Darius, I am 18 years old and I study at the National College of Informatics “Traian Lalescu” from Hunedoara and I joined the team 3 to 4 years ago.(The Fizitec club). I don’t have any hobbies but I like to play strategy and competitive video games and I love chess, where occasionally I play in competitions. In my free time either I play something or I find something very interesting that could be my next programming project. One of my job in this team is Programming but I also love to be part of the Design department. I design several elements such as team logo, team t-shirts, videos, or even robot design articles. I also enjoy to navigate between forums, to find new things that could help our situation at the robot programming and building also watching out for what other teams are doing. Finally, my position in the team is not fixed, as I’m a mix of programming, media, design, strategy, scouting and driving. Being part of this team was one of the best decision untill now in my life because it influenced me so much to apreciate the STEM education and it prepared me for working in a real team with real goals. There are many things that I’ve learned over years along this team, things that could have never been discovered alone or being taught by our current school system.


Hello, my name is Radu Dancea and I’m part of RobotX, a robotics team that actively participates in competitions such as FIRST Tech Challenge or FIRST Global. My role in the team is a builder, so I deal with the construction of the robot, from the chassis to the mechanisms above, but I also like 3D modeling since these two things go hand in hand. Ever since I joined the team, I started learning a lot of new things regarding robots, science, technology and STEM in general, things that will extremely useful in the future. I also strongly adhere to the core values and principles presented by FIRST that see building robots as an opportunity to interact with the community with the goal of promoting the usefulness of technology in our daily lives, as well as the positive impact it will have on us in the upcoming years. Even though I don’t program our robots, in my free time I like writing code and learning as much as possible about this subject. As for my other hobbies, I like computers, math, physics, playing videogames and sometimes riding my bicycle when I have enough time. Being a part of this team has been a wonderful experience that has taught me a bunch of new things, from managing my time to working with other people and much more. This has opened my mind and now I believe that anyone can build a robot. Overall this has greatly influenced my life for the better by showing me how we can change the world with the use of robotics and technology.


Hello, my name is Budiul Cristian Carol and I’m a member of RobotX, a robotics team that actively participates in competitions such as FIRST Tech Challenge or FIRST Global. My role in our team is to program our robot, so I design and implement programs that make our robot move and interact with the game elements, both in the autonomous mode and in the remote-controlled mode. I am also one of the drivers in our team, since those two thing need to adapt to each other. Also, when the team needs one more 3D modeler, I am there to help because I like 3D designing and modelling, both for simulations and for printing new 3D parts. Ever since I joined the team, I started to learn a lot of new things regarding technology, science or robotics. I strongly adhere to the core values that FIRST presented to us because I believe that building robots is an opportunity to promote STEM learning and the use of technology for a better future.
In my free time I like programming my own applications using programming languages like Java, Python or C#. Also, I love physics because it describes how the world works. My other hobbies are computers, math, playing videogames and sometimes snowboarding. Being a part of this team has been a great experience that has taught many new things, from managing my time to working with other people as a team and much more. This has opened my mind and now I believe that anyone can build a robot. Overall this has greatly influenced my life for the better by showing me how we can change the world with the use of robotics and technology. 


Hello, my name is Raul Saucă and I’m a member of National College of Informatics “Traian Lalescu” Robotics team, RobotX. In this team I work at CAD but sometimes I help building the robot too. This might be hard and boring but sometimes is easy and funny, and after I finish a complex task and I see that everything is working properly… Is one of the best feelings. Basically I 3D model the robot parts and mechanisms, sometimes before they are made, sometimes after or I create unique pieces by printing them at one of our two 3D Printers. In my free time I play computer games or hanging out with friends. I like to learn new things and have fun all the time. I like to travel in special long distances, I like to see the world and that is why I hope that in this season of First Tech Challenge we will win in our country and go to world championship in Detroit this summer.


My name is Cîndea Radu Mihai, I am 16 years old and I am in the 10th grade. I am passionate about physics, mathematics and informatics, and I participate in specific competitions with scientific themes. I love swimming, skiing, technical drawing and watching sci-fi movies. I have entered this year’s robotics team out of curiosity and with the desire of knowing more and applying what I learn. I am currently working in the hardware and assembly team because it is the domain I’m best at, but I’m also trying to approach the CAD part.



My name is Cristina Hărănguș, but everybody calls me Kiki. I joined the robotics team because I thought it was very interesting, and after learning more things about it and finding my role in this incredible team, I started to really like it.  My role in this team is to work on the PR part and I like what I’m doing. The knowledge that I gathered from this experience is very useful to me and I am sure it will help me in the future. My hobbies are reading, listening to music, watching movies and going out with my friends. I am a very sociable and friendly person. I like my team mates very much and I consider them a second family, that works together to achieve their goals and get to know more things about each other every day. I hope that in the future I will be a programmer and I will be able to use my skills to help the technological progress.   


Hey my name is Titianu Maria and I am a member of the RobotX robotics team. In this team I am one of the programmers but I like to help others with anything I can. I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone can build a robot, but he needs a lot of patience. Also, working efficiently as a team is very important. Because of this we learnt to work very well as a team and I feel that we are very united, almost like a second family for each of us. In my everyday life I like to listen to music, to sing and to read fantasy books. I also love mathematics and computer sciences, and I work hard to improve my skills in the STEM field.


My name is Bianca Vulsan and I’m glad to be part of this team. Ever since I was in the fifth grade, I have been interested in math and the disciplines related to it. Now, I’m 17 and I still want to improve in this field. I joined RobotX because it is much more pleasant to learn different things surrounded by diligent students, who share the same interest in STEM education. In addition to this, I think that the more you practice, the better you are, so, the other reason why I enrolled in this team is the desire to apply the theoretical things learned at school. Thus, even though I’m currently working on public relations within the team, I am doing all my best to develop my knowledge in math and informatics by taking part in different school competitions. Besides learning and reading, I really enjoy playing the piano and spending time with my family and my friends.


My name is Anca Ioana Muscalagiu and I’m a member of RobotX. Currently, I am working on Public Relations, but in the future I would like to join the Software team, to contribute more to programming our robots. I joined this team because I am very fond of Science, especially Informatics, but I only had the chance to take part in theoretical competitions, where you must find the best solution to Mathematics problems by writing the most efficient algorithm, but I never got the chance to put my programming skills into practice and this is by far the best opportunity for that. Another reason why I wanted to take part in this is because I want to become a teacher and team work is one of the skills I need to acquire for doing so. Also, helping the Lego League Team with programming contributed to my teaching skills. Being my first year on the team, I’m looking forward to learning and meeting a lot of people who share my interest in Science.


My name is Brianna-Alexandra STAN, I’m 13 years old and I am currently enrolled in the 8th grade. My passions are music, math, programming and physics, but I also like reading and playing tennis. My favorite writer is Isaac Asimov. Even if I participated in robotic competitions since I was 10 years old, this is my first year in FTC Competition. Right now I am in charge with the website content, but I try to learn a little bit of everything, hoping that, at some point I’ll be part of the programming team. I joined RobotX because I like to build things and solve problems. Being a part of RobotX is challenging and it will help me develop and explore new skills. Also we have a great mentor, our physics teacher who is trying to push us beyond our limits. In the future, I plan to get involved in other robotic activities and projects, in order to achieve more experience in this field.